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Baked Apple organic tea

Baked apple tea is a pleasant and healthy drink for any occasion. It can be served hot or iced. It i..

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We bring the nature in your tea cup.   Ingredients: White tea, Green Tea, Carnation blossom..

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D-Tox Morning boost

By drinking one cup of our special 100% natural selected mixture every morning will help you: ..

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High Spirit organic tea

High Spirit organic tea mix is a special blend of herbs, flowers and aromas.Its exceptional and deli..

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The Origin Story Each pearl is hand-made by nimbly rolling spring-fresh green tea into pearls. When..

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Matcha Premium Grade

Health Benefits of Matcha Tea Improves memory and concentration Is packed with antioxidants ..

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Matcha Raspberry

Our matcha raspberry mix is specially created to provide the aroma and flavor of raspberry with the ..

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Matcha Vanilla

Our matcha vanilla mix is specially created to provide the aroma of vanilla with the health benefits..

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Mild Children organic tea

Our new Children tea consists of special herbs and fruits specifically mixed for children, to improv..

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Vineyard Peach organic tea

This special blend of herbs and fruits provide a unique taste experience as well as many health bene..

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