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NE NATURALIS consists of special blended teas brought to you directly by the farmers who handpicked and hand processed the leaf, after hundreds of years of tea tradition. Our tea is grown in the Zhejiang province in China, the green tea capital of the world.



Green Tea can be traced back to China 3,000 years ago. A mystic and spiritual character was associated with green tea since the Green tea consumption and use is synonymous with the Zen monks in Ancient China which use tea as their main soul and spirit cleanser. Later through time the Emperor’s of China allowed the popularization of tea and with commercializing tea trade as well as immigration the Green tea went first to Japan and then during the time of colonization to rest of the world as it was considered a premium delight to those who really know how they like their tea.


We bring to you the most exquisite selection of natural and organic teas such as:


Our belief is that tea is not just tea; tea is your way to clean your energy and gain the endurance to balance your body oxidation which is a result of our stressful everyday environment.


                                                                We are committed to bring,what earth has to offer.