Blooming Tea

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                                                                             ''We bring the Nature in your tea cup''


Ingredients: White tea, Green Tea, Carnation blossom


Antioxidant/Antiaging: Flowering tea with its unique combination of mixed tea provides a powerful Antioxidant and Anti-aging agent due to its context in green and white tea as well as the carnation blossom.

Protecting skin: The combination of herbs within our special blend is protecting skin by keeping it healthy moist and protect the outer layers from sun radiation.

Dental health: by the polyphenols, flavonoids and tannins which help in inhibiting growth of various bacteria that may cause plaque formation.

Cancer prevention: Consumption of white tea has been associate with cancer prevention beneficial in cancer such as lung cancer. suggests that white tea is a potential anticancer, chemopreventive agent and its extract may induce apoptosis or cell death and may help in preventing new cell growth in lung cancer. This special blent due to its context in green tea and the carnation blossom makes it a paower antioxidant agent against cancer cell in the whole body.


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